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"A Postureful Performance," BSI Seminar at MC
Marc Hordon

As the leading Player Development Company in the Northeast, The Boston Sports Institutes is dedicated to molding athletes into healthy, productive, disciplined, accountable, hard-working, responsible, leading, and exceptional members of society and sport. From the BSI Scholarship Program  to our internationally acclaimed Player Development, each offering of the Boston Sports Institutes creates a powerful, fulfilling, and productive future filled with endless opportunity in sport, academia, and relationships for each one of our young athletes.
The Boston Sports Institutes.
Where Excellence is a Lifestyle.

Focusing on the specific muscular needs of each sports,  our Musculosystematic Engineers 
design each athlete to maximize performance and health.
The Boston Sports Institutes employ some the leading skill development coaches in the 
country in the sports of football, soccer, baseball, volleyball, alpine winter sports, and more...
 BSI offers Athletic Lifestyle Management services creating the psyche of a champion
The BSI offers seminars and clinics on all services to private, public, preparatory, collegiate, and 
professional institutions, private teams, athletic departments, coaches, and administrations.
Boston Sports Institutes' Scholarship Program ensures equal opportunity to 
athletes of all socioeconomic backgrounds
Aligning priorities, high scoring scholarship athletes provide tutoring that is 
guaranteed to raise GPA and Test Scores.
BSI Apprenticeship Program
The BSI educational body, the University of HordoN HEALTH offers education in 
Musculosystematic Engineering, multiple sport skill development, and more...

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