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Player Development and
Athletic Lifestyle Management

Skill Development & Sport Performance Clinics
The Boston Sports Institutes offer two forms of participatory clinic: Skill Development Clinics; teaching the art of each specific skill required by the individual sport, and Musculosystematic Sport Performance Clinics; teaching Sport-Specific architectural design of the human body to best fit the unique muscular needs of each sport.

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Athletic Lifestyle Management Seminars
The Boston Sports Institutes address the unique lifestyle needs of the Student-Athlete in a highly specialized setting. The preparation, practice, and transitional needs of student-athletes are significantly different from the needs of the average matriculating student.  BSI caters to these needs by presenting how to facilitate a healthy and sustainable athletic lifestyle both on and off the field, increasing value to personal, educational, and professional opportunities.
The BSI educational seminars will motivate your athletes to perform to their fullest potential, as an athlete, student, and citizen by targeting High School, Preparatory, and Collegiate Institutions.

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Suggested Athletic Lifestyle Management Seminar Topics
  • Post-Athletic Lifestyle Management 3 Categorized 1hr Seminars
       "Athletics As an Outlet" "Athletic Nutrition Management" "Time Replacement"
  • Athletic Lifestyle Management 3 Categorized 1hr Seminars
       "Collegiate Commitment Preparation" "Failure Management" "Perspective in Success"
Boston Sports Institute Consulting
The BSI Consultants will work closely with either an institution or an individual for more specialized and individual treatment. For the elite collegiate or professional sport institutions, the intimate services provided by a BSI Consultant can prove revolutionary.  Our consultants design in-season & off-season Musculosystematic Sport Performance Programs providing detailed attention to the needs of the program.

  • Institutional Consulting
Elite Sport MsE Performance Training and Injury Prevention - Skill Development 
Program Development - Athletic Lifestyle Management 
  • Individual Consulting
Athletic Life Coaching: Creating a healthy and productive relationship with sport and self
Private Student-Athlete College Counselling
Elite Skill Development
Elite Musculosystematice Sport Performance
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