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The Boston Sport Institutes set of rules and regulations for being a part of the BSI Community stem from the need and desire to live a lifestyle of excellence in the classroom, on the field, and in society as a positively contributing member. These rules and regulations are going to demand you to be upstanding citizens in the public sphere in order to ensure the integrity of the Boston Sports Institutes, your families, communities, and most importantly, yourselves.

If you do so choose to disregard any of these rules and regulations, you are welcome to leave the group and expect to be dropped from ALL related Institutions and receive seasonal suspensions from the program in which you are enrolled.

The following rules are expected to be followed by both athletes and coaches alike and those who break them WILL face serious consequences.

BSI Code of Sport Integrity:

1. There will be absolutely NO SWEARING in any public sphere and across all social media platforms. 

2. There will be NO discussion of alcohol, illegal drugs, or any other substance deemed by your coaches to be  inappropriate for the public sphere.

3. You will conduct conversations with friends, coaches, and colleagues with integrity, respect, and honor.

4. There will absolutely NO condescending references to sexual orientation, race, sex, culture, or any other socially destructive stereotyping.

5. Any form of online or in-person hazing or bullying will NOT BE TOLERATED.

6. Anyone that publishes on your social media profiles any comments related to any of the rules above MUST BE IMMEDIATELY REMOVED.

7. BSI Family members promise to consistently monitor their and peer walls for inappropriate content related to the rules above.

Consequences of Infraction:

1. First infraction of ANY of the BSI Code of Sport Integrity will result in a written warning submitted to the athlete.

2. Second infraction of ANY of the BSI Code of Sport Integrity will result in SUSPENSION from the BSI Program for one full Session during which time you will be removed from ALL Boston Sports Institutes online Groups and Pages. Once the suspension is completed the athlete will then be eligible for reconsideration and re-entry to all Boston Sports Institutes online Groups and Pages after completing a three hour athletic life coaching seminar.

3. Third and Beyond infraction of ANY of the BIF Code of Sport Integrity will result in a Year Long removal from all Boston Sports Institutes Programs, as well as the below community service hours.

***Reconsideration for re-instatement for participation in BSI Programs will be reviewable after the completion of 200 hours of verified community service.

If there are any questions or concerns with the above Code and Consequences please feel free to contact Marc Hordon or Matthew Fothergill of the Boston Sports Institutes.

We do this out of love and respect for our athletes and associates, perhaps a challenge to ascend popular culture and cultural norms that break down the walls of our society.

We are Men and Women of Honor.
We are Men and Women of Integrity.
We are Men and Women of Pride.
We are Men and Women of Respect for Self and therefore all of Humanity.

BSI Founder, Marc Hordon, sees it as necessary to institute this Code of rules governing the online activities of all BSI Family Members.

There will be no exceptions. Every athlete, coach, and parent must abide by these set of guidelines.

The rapid expansion of social networking sites requires that we be conscious of how we portray ourselves and how our interactions with others may effect them as individuals and us as an athletic and human community.

From this point on, membership in an BSI Program will be contingent on adherence to the policies governing online and all social activity.

The BSI Online Code of Sport Integrity goes into effect as of Monday October 18, 2010.
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