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BSI is very proud of our award recipients and expect them to act in a manner in which they are charged by their award; with complete commitment to Excellence in Sport, Academia, and Citizenship. These special student-athletes are professional, courteous, helpful, excited, energetic, eager, happy, and have an innate desire for fun while completing assigned hours of verified community service, tutorship, or internship during the span of the assigned session. Recipient is to always act on behalf of Hordon Health, the Boston Sports Institutes, himself, his family, and his community. 

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Boston Sports Institutes Scholarships
MGH Community Service Award
The MGH Community Scholarship Award is offered to an elite student-athlete in pursuit of greatness in both sport and community wealth. Hordon Health encourages all of its enrolled athletes to partake in community service as well as excel in the classroom in order to create a sense of inner wholeness. The MGHSC Scholarship Award is determined by a combination of criterion, namely financial need, the athlete's commitment to excellence in community, in the  classroom, and commitment to family. 
HordoN HEALTH Internship Award
HordoN Health offers exclusive Internships each session with a focus in either Sport Performance Coaching or Small Business Marketing. Recipients will be lead in groups through marketing meetings, creating and conducting campaigns, all the while learning the skills to excel in the work place. This Award is only available to students and/or athletes currently enrolled in a secondary or tertiary educational institution (H.S. or College).
HordoN HEALTH Tutorship Award
Hordon Health provides the academically advanced student-athletes with the opportunity to use their intellect to propel their sport career. This award is given to an athlete with all A's and B's, who will become a junior tutor for younger athletes in the BSI program, in exchange for partial or full scholarship to the Institute Session of choice. This Award is only available to students and/or athletes currently enrolled in a secondary or tertiary educational institution (H.S. or College).
University of 
Tutorship Program
As a program at the University of HordoN HEALTH, the Boston Sports Institutes Tutorship Program prioritizes education ahead of sport with the Tutorship Program.
All athletes may participate in the Tutorship Program to sharpen their collegiate candidacy. Student-athletes not making the minimum educational requirement for the Bostons Sports Institutes Player Development Program, must enroll in the Tutorship Program to maintain eligibility.
Apprenticeship Program
The Apprenticeship Program offers one of the most advanced Sport Performance educations in the country. Those who are interested in becoming a Sport Performance Coach, the UHH Apprenticeship Program will provide you the educational background to pursue a career in any sport as a professional Performance Coach. Visit for details.
**If contract is not fulfilled, Hordon Health reserves the right to reclaim up to 100% of the scholarship awarded. That athlete must complete all required hours of service in order to receive scholarship.
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