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Musculosystematic Sport Performance 
Engineering and Skill Development
Every athlete in the Boston area now has the Opportunity to perform at the highest level of excellence, year round.

Due to seasonal limitations, New England athletes have seldom had the opportunity to focus on a single sport year-round. A lack of year-round development denies the opportunity of great athletes to become experts in their sport. In other parts of the country, and other parts of the world, athletes focus on one or maybe two sports. The seasonal sport pattern leaves the New England athlete underdeveloped despite the exceptional level of athleticism. Hockey is the only exception.
The Boston Sports Institutes employs the most advanced Skill Development and Sport Performance Engineers in the Northeast and has been claimed as the "United States most prolific institution for the development of the 21st century professional and scholar-athlete," by international sport performance Guru, John Davies.
Musculosystematic Sport-
Performance Engineering
A local High School Football Program profits from a BIF Clinic from Coach and President of Operations of the Boston Institute of Football, Yann Kumin
Musculosystematic Engineers at the Boston Sports Institutes customize services specifically to the needs of each sport's unique muscular requirements, as each sport deviates greatly in specific muscular need.
Focusing first on short and long-term injury prevention, MsE certified coaches design the athlete around the specific needs of the position and sport.
Professional Skill Development
Performing at elite levels requires expertly designed skill development. Even the simplest of sports need daily, constant repetition for development. 
 The BSI Master coaches and consultants must all complete a minimum of five full years of certification at the University of HordoN HEALTH in Advanced Musculosystematics.
Boston Sports Institute MS Sport Performance Engineering and Skill Development
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